domingo, 19 de dezembro de 2010

How to get along well with your parents - An Essay from Interamericano English Course

When the children are born the parents do not have a guide that teaches how to be a good father or a good mother. That is why there are many troubles with parents and their kids. So, how to have a good relationship between parents and children?

First of all, the parents will not be alive for so long. It would be a good idea if parents and children spent more time together. The result would be less discussion between them.

Another solution would be to find something to thank them for everyday. Since the kids were born, parents usually change their life and sometimes make some sacrifices just to give the best for their children. The action of thanking could improve the relationship and make the dialogues better.

Finally, to hear the advice’s parents is the best way to do the right things, just because the parents had already lived and experienced the same troubles with their child. The parents always want the best things for their children. This would avoid some stupid mistakes that teenagers do along their life.

There are many other ways to get along well with parents. But the respect to each other is the most important step to build a good relationship. If children do not respect their parents, they may not respect the rest of the world.

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